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If the voting requirements for the plan adoption are not met, the submitter of the plan may demand substitution of approval within respective groups (classes) through decision of the court. However, there are few conditions to be fulfilled in order to demand aforesaid substitution of approval prescribed by law. The substitution of approval of an unsecured receivables group may not be awarded if creditors of the group obtain fulfillment in a period exceeding five years; this will not apply to so-called subordinated claims. All in all, even if a group (class) of creditor is "crammed-down" or outvoted, the plan may be confirmed by the court through substitution of its consent.

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The hearse-like body style does nothing at all to attract the attention of women. In fact, these cars tend to be in many women's top 10 list of most unattractive cars. Most women are just not into being reminded of the Grim Reaper, apparently. The hearse-like body style receives two thumbs down for sex appeal.

Performance is something that has bagged all the credit and stars for Maruti Alto. The car is an unbeaten competitors for others in terms of mileage, all thanks to 3-cylinder, 4 valves 796 cc petrol engine that burns fuel efficiently and delivers a maximum output of 19.73 kmpl. The 5-speed transmission gearbox and Multi Point Fuel injection system add up to the glory of this car and offer great economy on roads. To develop its eco-friendliness, company launched the CNG variant of this car endowed with both petrol and CNG fuel systems. A 3 cylinder, 796 cc FC engine boosts up the performance of this variant by offering a great mileage of 15.6 kmpl on city roads and 20.2 kmpl on highways.

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